Polished Thin Precision Glass Windows and Ceramic Substrates

Polished Thin Precision Optical Glass Windows

Thin precision glass products for the electro-optical industry have been referred to as ultra-thin glass, super-thin glass and micro-thin glass. Valley produces all of these thin optics down to a thickness of 1 mil (25 microns).

Other thin products offered by the company are:

Other materials include: ZnS to 0.0015" polished both sides, Be to 0.0008" polished both sides, Lithium Niobate, Yitrium, bundled fibers, coatings and oxide layers, Zerodor, Macor, Glass Ceramics, Corning Polarcor, Graphite, Carbide, Ferrites, PZT, Steatite, Bonded Glass-Silicon, and many others.

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