Ultra-thin Fused Silica wafers, windows and substrates

Fused Silica wafers, windows and substrates thinned
to ultra-thin thicknesses by Valley Design

Fused Silica polished wafers, windows, substrates, plates and shims & spacers are available from Valley Design. Custom sizes with precision optical surface finishes to 10/5 scratch/dig, < 7 Angstroms RA, can be shipped in just a few days. Standard sized windows are in stock, such as 2", 3", 100mm 125mm 200mm 300mm diameters x .5mm, 1mm and 1.5mm thicknesses. These Fused Silica wafers can also be thinned and polished to any custom thickness. Depending on the geometry, Valley can polish Fused Silica to as thin as 10-15 microns.

Fused Silica wafers and Fused Silica substrates are

Ultra-thin polished Fused Silica wafers and substrates 1"square and 2"square x 0.010", 0.015", 0.020" (0.5 mm), 0.025" and 0.040" (1 mm) are available for immediate delivery from stock. Other common sizes readily available are 3" diameter, 4" diameter (100mm), 125mm diameter, 150mm diameter, 200mm diameter and 300mm diameter x .5mm thick, 1mm thick and 1.5mm thick. Ultra-thin thicknesses are 0.002" (50 microns), 0.003" (75 microns), 0.004" (100 microns) and 0.005" (125 microns).

Valley can produce Fused Silica as thin as 10-15 microns in 10mm square size. Ultra-thin size limitations:

    2" diameter x 50 microns thick
    3" diameter x 75 microns thick
    100mm diameter x 100 microns thick
    125mm diameter x 125 microns thick
    150mm diameter x 125 microns thick
    200mm diameter x 200 microns thick
    300mm diameter x 500 microns thick

3"(75 mm) diameter and 4" (100 mm) diameter Fused Silica substrates are semifinished and can be completed to any thickness in just a few days.

A surface finish of 20/10 scratch/dig and thickness tolerances of +/- 0.001", 0.0005", 0.0004", 0.0003" and 0.0002" are typically requested. Finer polished surface finishes to 10/5 scratch/dig, < 7 Angstroms, and tighter tolerances are available on special order.

We typically stock Corning 7980 0F Fused Silica, and 7980 2G Fused Silica. Click HERE for the datasheet on these Fused Silica materials. Other types of Fused Silica and Fused Quartz are also readily available, as well as Single Crystal Quartz.

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